Gildan has always been deeply committed to its communities because we understand that healthy and resilient thriving communities, in turn foster resilient businesses. That's why we make sure to operate responsibly and create positive economic impacts in the regions where we operate. This extends beyond creating jobs by supporting sustainable economic development, investing in local suppliers, and making positive and meaningful advancements in these regions.

Two girls from Bangladesh’s Room to Read program are smiling and wearing the same blue dress.

Latest annual numbers


donated to community investment projects


employee hours spent volunteering on local community initiatives


worth of materials and services purchased from local suppliers


We're proud to say that we have an ongoing commitment to creating stronger communities, which is why we partner with various organizations to address pressing local needs, and create social and environmental impact in these communities. We direct the majority of our community investment resources towards the following focus areas: quality education, good health & well-being, and resources protection, in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We also remain committed to providing disaster relief in the locations where we operate, when circumstances arise. 

3 children are participating in Gildan’s community investment initiative in the Dominican Republic.

Supporting local suppliers

Wherever and whenever possible, we make sure to work with and buy from various local suppliers. This allows us to create value for a variety of local businesses. Over the years, we have witnessed the growth of supply chain ecosystems in the regions where we operate, spanning beyond the typical raw materials, trims, and accessory suppliers, into areas such as educational and technical training, medical services, transportation, construction, maintenance, and food services.

A Gildan employee is using a forklift to lift a package of cotton.

Thinking globally, managing locally

We believe that it is essential to fill leadership positions in our factories and regional offices with local talent as much as possible. We have always emphasized putting in place a well-educated and highly motivated local management team at each operating location. We believe that this is the best way to align with our employees' cultural, social, and economic needs and the communities within which we operate.


A man wearing a red t-shirt is looking away from the camera and smiling.

Employee engagement

We know that fostering strong employee engagement leads to a culture where employees feel passionate about their jobs and are committed to our success. To do this, we provide exciting and fun activities throughout the year for our employees. From education and health-related activities, community strengthening ones like beach clean-ups and reforestation, we give our employees the opportunity to inspire and connect.

Six Gildan employees in Honduras are jumping. There are Earth Day drawings posted in the background.


We encourage our employees to pursue their interests, support meaningful causes, and facilitate employee-led volunteering activities at all our locations. Over the years, we've created a combined positive impact on the planet and its people that fills us with pride and hope for the future. 

A Gildan employee in Nicaragua is holding a tree seedling that he is about to plant.