Made with respect for

human rights
health and safety
the planet
clean water
the land
the future
fair wages
the environment


From our beginning we have been re-imagining and building the future of responsible apparel manufacturing.

2021 ESG report highlights

Check out some highlights from our 2021 ESG report to see the progress we’ve made toward making apparel with respect for the environment, circularity, people, communities, and transparency. 

Gildan’s 2021 ESG report cover.

Our anthem

We are the makers

We source the cotton, spin the yarn, knit, dye, and cut the fabric, and sew the clothes. From start to finish, we make apparel with respect for resources, both human and natural. From our energy and water use to our ergonomics stations, we hold ourselves accountable for and pay as much attention to what goes into the work and what comes out of it.

Areas of focus

Holding ourselves accountable

When it comes to responsible apparel making, we don’t just meet the standards; we meet and respect them with the utmost priority. From providing fair wages to sourcing sustainably grown cotton to using low carbon energy, we make apparel better by respecting how we make it, with who we make it, and what we use to make it.

Recognitions and partnerships

Our recognitions and partnerships are tributes to Gildan’s standards, performance, and strength in making meaningful sustainability advancements.