Our differences make us stronger

Across our global operations, you will find a culture that promotes equity to create a more inclusive and sustainable employee experience. Here, we encourage you to bring your authentic self to work, so that you too can #FindYourFit at Gildan.

Four Gildan employees are sitting at a desk smiling at each other.

Giving meaning to our DEI culture

Giving meaning to our DEI culture

By embracing diversity, choosing to be equitable, and acting inclusively, we create a favorable environment for all our employees. This is how we see it: 


Diversity and the presence of difference at Gildan is our fact. With a 40-year track record of success across 12 different countries, the variety of perspectives and skills brought by each team member is not just welcomed; it’s essential for our growth and the respectful apparel making we stand for.


Equity is our choice, and we recognize that not everyone starts their journey from the same place. We strive to take your unique needs into consideration and provide you with the right resources and opportunities to support you in reaching your full potential.


Inclusion reflects our commitment to creating an environment where you are encouraged to shape the future of your career. We aim to ensure that every voice is heard and that employees feel empowered to contribute meaningfully and thrive within our organization.


Join us and tailor the future of your own career!


With approximately 45,000 employees worldwide, I know that our collective strength comes from our diversity. As we continue to embrace the uniqueness of our employees, their skills and contributions, I am confident that we can only grow stronger. The path to diversity, equity, and inclusion is boundless and we’ll gladly journey on it together.

Our people are our greatest success!

Our employees make Gildan what it is and fostering their growth at every level of our organization has always been a priority. We make sure that every one of our 45,000 employees, each with their unique story, feels a sense of belonging, because we know that every single one of our employees has a story worth sharing. Here are a few of them:

The road ahead

As we continue our journey beyond the simple t-shirt, we recognize that building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive company across our global operations is a path filled with milestones and hurdles. Our journey of perfecting the art of respectful apparel making for over 40 years has taught us the value of every unique perspective in shaping a future where people can strive. We invite you to join us and contribute your insights to help make Gildan an even more inclusive, empowering, and safe space for all our employees!