Our differences make us stronger

We strive to create a company culture that brings the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion to life; where employees from different backgrounds come together and use their strengths to drive innovation and growth.

Our areas of focus

  • Encourage the development of each individual in a collaborative, inclusive environment.
  • Foster a culture where employees can bring their whole self to work.
  • Partner with organization that support the growth of our communities.
  • Embrace and encourage the differences that each employee brings to Gildan.

Our people are our greatest success!

Empowering our employees to thrive at every level of our organization has always been one of our most important priorities. From our offices all the way to our facilities around the world, we make sure that everyone feels a sense of belonging wherever they are and wherever they are from, because we know that every single one of our 40,000 employees have a story worth sharing, here are a few of them:

With approximately 40,000 employees worldwide, I know that our collective strength comes from our diversity. As we continue to embrace each of our uniqueness, skills and contributions, I am confident that we can only grow stronger. The path to diversity, equity, and inclusion is boundless and we’ll gladly journey on it together.

Glenn J. Chamandy - President and CEO

A commitment to our people

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion starts first and foremost with our employees. Throughout our entire hiring and development process, we focus on ensuring that employees from all backgrounds, especially from underrepresented groups, are successful. Over the years, we have created and launched various initiatives and programs to support this commitment, some of which are presented below:

Advancing Women

Advancing our female employees in the workforce and propelling their careers was one of the first challenges we tackled as a company. We’re proud to say that over the years, we’ve supported and trained women from all levels of the organization to aid their career advancement. In Honduras, for example, we have “The Women’s Empowerment Program”, which is focused on developing management, finance, and communication skills as part of leadership development. More than 1,500 Gildan employees have completed the training to date.


Gildan has a strong Hispanic and Latinx community. That’s why every year, we recognize Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States by celebrating the history, cultures and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans. In addition, our employees in the Caribbean Basin and in Central America are encouraged to embrace their culture proudly every single day.

African American/Blacks

At Gildan, we recognize the systemic racism that Black people have experienced over generations. We stand in solidarity with the millions of people around the world who have supported the Black Lives Matter movement and we are taking meaningful actions against racism like; breaking the silence around systemic oppression, educating ourselves about the history and legacy of racism, and speaking out against injustice. For example, during Black History Month in the United States last year, we hosted Brenda Tindal, Director of Education & Engagement at the International African American Museum, to facilitate a lunch & learn on Charleston's vibrant African American history and culture. African Awareness Month was also celebrated in Barbados where our employees were invited to wear African attire, recognizing African Dress Day.


We want to harness the power of an intergenerational workforce. In Honduras, our talking series “Millennial Perspectives” empowers our millennial employees to share their professional and personal accomplishments, passions and challenges with colleagues around the business. Through this series, we aim to promote intergenerational exchange and reverse mentoring.

Local development

We have always put great emphasis on emerging market talent. We believe in creating highly motivated local management teams at each of our operating locations to ensure alignment with the cultural, social and economic needs of our employees and the communities where we operate. Our priority is to favour local talent for leadership positions rather than expatriates. That’s why we have implemented extensive training and development programs for our employees, providing them with opportunities to develop and grow within Gildan. We are proud to say that 85% of managers at our factories are from local communities.

A commitment to our communities

Over the years, our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion has extended beyond our organization to support our communities at large. We strongly believe that we have a responsibility to be a good corporate citizen by delivering positive and sustainable impacts to create stronger communities.

Empowering all women

We invest in programs and partner with organizations that support women based on local needs. In the Dominican Republic, for example, where rates of domestic violence are soaring, our program, in partnership with The Batey Relief Alliance, specifically focuses on gender-based violence prevention. The Batey Relief Alliance is a non-profit organization helping to create a productive and self-sufficient environment in the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America. In partnership with them, we’ve established a women’s empowerment Initiative in the Dominican Republic called “The Community Startup”. Through our partnership, we’ve empowered over 180 young women and men in the communities in which we operate, providing training, guidance and support to pursue their own business.

Supplier Inclusion

We know that inclusive procurement practices can create long-term value to our business and our communities. That’s why we are working towards promoting more inclusive and diverse procurement practices that will help us drive a more empowered marketplace. Today, we are focused on sourcing our material locally to prioritize local economic and social impact.

Cultivating the Next Generation

We are strong believers that education is a critical driver of change, which is why we’ve chosen to support organizations that are giving children the tools and resources to understand global environmental and social issues while adopting a mind-set of sustainable practices and conscious consumption. Through our program “Young Sustainability Leaders”, we hope to inspire and empower students to be the next generation of social and environmental entrepreneurs.

The road ahead

We know that building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive company that operates in various countries is a journey that will have many milestones and challenges along the way. If anything, our progress in recent years is a testimony of our hard work, commitment, and passion to propel ourselves into the future. Our diversity, equity, and inclusion journey continues!