We embrace our responsibility to treat our people with respect and dignity by providing rewarding, safe, and healthy work environments. We strive to foster a company culture where employees are valued and aim to create fair and equal opportunities for all our employees to grow with us and share our success.

A Gildan employee in one of our sewing facilities is holding a string of yarn.

Made with respect for ethical labor and human rights

Respecting human rights, first and foremost.

Made with respect for ethical labor and human rights

As the actual employer of the majority of the workers who make our clothes, we understand the immense responsibility that comes with taking care of them. Everywhere we operate, we offer ethical and empowering working conditions while always treating our workers with respect and dignity.

Human rights

Our longstanding priority has been to enforce and protect the fair treatment of people who manufacture our products throughout our supply chain. That’s why we are devoted to protecting our people by applying strong human rights principles in the workplace and across our operations.

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Fair wages

We believe in supporting local economies which is why Gildan has a holistic view of compensation, fair wages, in-kind benefits, and training and development opportunities.

To help ensure that our employees’ salaries and benefits are sufficient to meet basic needs and provide a level of discretionary income, we use the Fair Labor Association’s (FLA) data-collection tool methodology. This helps standardize the measurement criteria of wages at factories with comparable benchmarks. We also consider inflation trends related to food and housing, among other issues.

Compensation and benefits

We recognize our responsibility to contribute to a higher standard of living for our employees by offering benefits that help better meet their overall needs, such as free on-site medical clinics, vaccination and medicine programs, parental leave, financial assistance, subsidized meals, and free transportation. Investing in the wellbeing of our employees results in a more engaged, dedicated, and stable workforce, and reinforces Gildan as an employer of choice in the regions where we operate.

Made with respect for health and safety

Made with respect for health and safety

When it comes to our employees, our most important priority is to provide them with safe and healthy work environments. How? By making significant and ongoing investments towards modern equipment and technology, world-class health and safety programs, innovative material handling and process design, free on-site health care, a variety of health and wellness campaigns, and others.

Occupational health and safety (OHS)

We understand the seriousness and importance of occupational health and safety, the purpose of which is simple: protecting our workers against the potential risks and hazards that may come with working in a manufacturing facility. To ensure compliance with health and safety standards, our factories have comprehensive monthly audits conducted by in-house safety coordinators as well as auditors and third-party auditors mandated by several trusted external stakeholders.


Apparel manufacturing inherently poses physical risks through exposure to repetitive movements and vibrations and the tendency for incorrect posture, all of which can contribute to musculoskeletal disorders. At all our factories, we conduct health awareness campaigns and offer a comprehensive ergonomics program to identify early symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders and areas for improvement.

Access to free medical care

Access to high-quality, affordable, and consistent healthcare can be challenging in many areas where we operate. To ensure our employees receive the healthcare they need, we operate fully equipped medical clinics at our manufacturing factories in Honduras, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Bangladesh to give our employees access to free primary care. These clinics are staffed with well-trained doctors and nurses worldwide and account for more than 140 healthcare professionals that work directly for Gildan.

Fire and building safety

Our factories have built-in fire safety systems, such as fire control infrastructure, sprinkler systems, emergency exits, fire alarms, and other safety mechanisms, such as our fire and safety committees. In addition, all employees participate in regular fire and safety drills.

In Bangladesh, we made significant upgrades to our factory following its acquisition in 2010 to provide our employees with a safe and healthy workplace. In 2014, this facility underwent a rigorous third-party audit by the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Accord to confirm it had a proper building and electrical structure. Since then, members of the Accord have regularly visited the facility to ensure the proper completion of remediation plans.

Made with respect for diversity, equity, and inclusion

Made with respect for diversity, equity, and inclusion

At Gildan, we value the unique traits and identities of our employees. We believe in our people and know that embracing diversity, and the range of perspectives that they bring will drives innovation and growth.

From our offices to our factories around the world, we create an equitable and inclusive work culture where people can bring their authentic selves to work and feel a sense of belonging. We strive to create a company culture that brings the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion to life and we will continue ensuring the representation of people and creating an inclusive environment for all.