Taking our sustainability journey to a new level

For over two decades, we have been re-imagining and building the future of responsible apparel manufacturing. And over the years we have continued to learn, grow, and evolve which has allowed us to achieve many great milestones along the way. Now, it's time for the next chapter in our story.

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A global, collaborative approach

We brought experts together from different areas of our business to develop our Next Generation ESG strategy and help push us to new heights. Why? Because at Gildan, sustainability isn't an after-thought; it is embedded in every aspect of our business, at every level, everywhere we operate. How? By getting everyone involved and integrating ESG into our long-term business strategy.

We innovate to bridge the gap between efficiency and sustainability with everyday action to advance the wellbeing of our people, planet, and communities.

Glenn Chamandy - President and CEO

We're Making Apparel Better®!

20-years and beyond

This is not the start of something new. Since our beginnings, we've been developing, integrating, and standardizing ethical and sustainable practices throughout our supply chain. Now it's time to push our efforts even further. Take a look at the areas we will focus on to improve sustainability at Gildan:

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Areas of focus

Respect for the environment: Pave the way towards a low carbon future while reducing water intensy and optimizing our operations.

Respect for circularity: Heighten focus on sourcing more sustainable and transparent raw materials and enhancing sustainable waste management initiatives. 

Respect for people: Continue to respect human rights, further push health and safety standards, and improve gender parity.

Respect for communities: Positively impact economic development in regions where we operate with value-driven community investments and volunteerism. 

Respect for transparency: Enhance and strengthen ESG disclosure in all areas of focus to provide stakeholders with robust, transparent, and decision-useful information.