October 14, 2022

People · Diversity, equity, & inclusion

Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrating Hispanic Culture at Gildan

With widespread operations in Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic, and close to 500 employees of Hispanic heritage in the United States, Hispanic culture runs deep in Gildan’s daily operations. This year, Gildan ran a month-long internal and social media campaign, featuring stories of a few employees to hear how their Hispanic identities play a role in their #LifeatGildan.

“Creating an inclusive workplace, where everyone is provided with fair and equal opportunities, and where everyone can be their unique selves, is important at Gildan,” says Karine Doucet, Vice-President of Global Talent Management and Culture at Gildan. “Recognizing Hispanic Heritage month gives us a chance to appreciate the diverse perspectives that people with Hispanic and Latino backgrounds bring to the table, to facilitate awareness and conversations around Hispanic culture, and to ultimately foster an inclusive environment.”

Meet the employees behind this series:

“I am naturally a happy person who gets along well with others, and this really comes from my culture. Puerto Rican people are very friendly and warm towards everyone, and this is how I act towards long time coworkers and newcomers to the team. This aspect of my culture has helped me throughout my career and is something that I feel is appreciated at Gildan.”

- Marydenis Ortiz, Distribution Clerk at Gildan’s Jacksonville distribution centre

“I was born in Mexico, moved to Canada, then to Honduras, and now I have settled in North Carolina. Through these experiences, I have truly come to see change as a positive thing. I think that my willingness to embrace change has allowed me to face challenges and accomplish my goals at Gildan.”

- Mario Alonso Castenada, Production Lead at Gildan’s Eden distribution centre

“For a long time, there was a small Latino community both at Gildan’s Sandford yarn-spinning facility and in my community. Over time, I have noticed more Latinos moving up in the organization which is a testament to the loyalty of Latino people. I hope that the Latino community continues to grow at Gildan in the U.S. so that we can see more Latino leaders.”

- Ricky Rubio, Automatic Packing Technician at Gildan’s Sandford Yarn-Spinning Facility

“To me, Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity to celebrate the Latino communities who have positively impacted our communities through art, food, politics, and so many other important contributions. Latinos are hardworking and loyal employees, and it is important to recognize their impact.”

- Joice Diaz, Organizational Development Advisor at Gildan’s Montreal global headquarters

To view the social media campaign, please visit Gildan's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn channels.