Creating positive environmental impacts

Aligned with our commitment to respecting the environment and UN Sustainability Development Goals 14 and 15, we seek to encourage our communities to help create positive environmental impacts and better the world.  

To do this, we support programs and host activities where our employees and members from the community have the opportunity to protect and promote the sustainable use of natural resources as well as support organizations and communities who take action to improve the reduction, reuse, and recycling of materials. 

Employees in Nicaragua are kneeling on the grass and planting tree saplings.

Project highlights

Reforestation in Central America and the Caribbean

Gildan contributes to initiate reforestation projects in the neighbouring communities of its operations.  

Dominican Republic 

For World Environment Day, our employees team up with the Canadian embassy in the Dominican Republic to participate in voluntary reforestation at the San Luis Ecological Park, an area protected by the Ministry of the Environment and which Gildan sponsors to guarantee that the more than 50,000 trees already planted by the Company reach maturity. 


Our operations in Honduras also organize environmental volunteer activities. Usually, around 100 volunteers from our textile facilities in Honduras participate in reforestation activities. Together with the community, they plant trees or shrubs chosen specifically for that area in partnership with local municipalities.


Employees from our sewing facilities in Carazo, Rivas, and Chinandega participate in reforestation activities where they plant different species such as royal cedar, mahogany, melina, teak, mandagual, pracaxi and native species of rapid growth in the country. 


A group photo of employees from Nicaragua standing outside wearing green Gildan t-shirts.


Taking care of our delicate ecosystems is a part of what we do. On a regular basis, Gildan organizes beach clean-ups in Nicaragua and Honduras to promote awareness about respecting  the environment, among our employees, and also within the communities where we operate. 

These activities are usually carried out in partnership with local institutions, such as municipalities, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism, and a local recycler for proper disposal of the collected waste. 

Employees from Nicaragua are standing on the beach and smiling after cleaning up.