January 20, 2017


Gildan Receives Bronze Class Distinction in the RobeccoSAM 2017 Sustainability Yearbook

For the fifth consecutive year, Gildan has qualified for inclusion in the 2017 RobeccoSAM Sustainability Yearbook, receiving the Bronze Class distinction this year for its strong sustainability performance. RobecoSAM’s Sustainability Yearbook is one of the world’s most comprehensive publications on corporate sustainability.

A Bronze Class distinction signifies that Gildan achieved a score within 5% to 10% of the top score in the Textiles, Apparel and Luxury Goods industry. Overall RobeccoSAM assesses over 21,000 companies across 60 industries with the goal of identifying those companies that exemplify leading corporate sustainability practices and a focus on long-term growth drivers.

Every year since 2004, The Sustainability Yearbook has listed the world’s most sustainable companies in each industry as determined by their score in RobecoSAM’s annual Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), with companies that have demonstrated the most leadership in the area of corporate sustainability recognized with one of their special class distinctions. This year, the Sustainability Yearbook highlights some of the key challenges facing companies in the textile, apparel and luxury industry, the foremost being the importance of responsible sourcing models and the need for transparency on the efficiency, safety and working conditions across all levels of operations.

One advantage Gildan has stems from its vertically-integrated manufacturing model which provides it with complete visibility over the conditions and practices under which the vast majority of its garments are manufactured. With its ownership of the facilities and operations where 90% of its products are made, Gildan is able to have the proper oversight and influence needed to ensure it is able to make a positive contribution to the employees and communities everywhere it operates.