April 18, 2019

Responsibility · People

Gildan Answers Fashion Revolution’s Call-to-Action for Greater Transparency

Gildan is participating in the Fashion Revolutions’ #whomademyclothes campaign, a global movement working to elevate transparency in the clothing industry and change the way clothes are sourced, produced and consumed.

“Fashion Revolution has created a powerful campaign that calls for brands to put people at the center of their business model, and challenges consumers to be curious about the people who make their clothes” says Garry Bell, Vice-President of Corporate Communications & Marketing at Gildan. “At Gildan, we are proud to show you the people working in our manufacturing facilities who have shaped our success. By participating in this movement, we are pleased to contribute to a global conversation about supply chain transparency, which is inspiring people to think differently about what they wear,” says Bell.

As the largest manufacturer to respond to this global campaign, Gildan is among the few companies that own and operate their own facilities, doing everything from yarn spinning to assembling and distributing its garments. This vertical integration provides Gildan with visibility across the full manufacturing process and allows the Company to implement industry-leading labour and environmental practices throughout their business, as guided by their Genuine Responsibility™ program.

Starting April 22nd, Gildan will share photographs and testimonials from their workers as part of the #imadeyourclothes campaign and allow viewers to browse their interactive map presenting information on their company-owned facilities and dedicated contractors. Consumers are also invited to find out more about the company’s CSR program on their website: www.genuineresponsibility.com.