April 12, 2019

People · Diversity, equity, & inclusion

13 Inspiring Stories From Women in Manufacturing

In light of International Women’s Day 2019, Gildan launched a campaign to recognize some of their 23,000 female employees.

Thirteen employees from seven different countries where the Company operates were invited to share their professional and personal stories. These women explored topics including passions, motivation, family, resilience and growth. Read their stories:

Lourdes Caballero, Senior Manager of Product Performance

“My mom used to tell me that everything you do you should do with love, passion, and care. That’s something that I try to apply to my life every day and I think that’s where I find my motivation.”

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Marie-Chantal Vallée, Business Analyst, IT

“The way people collaborate and are there for each other is something I’ve never experienced in other companies before and that’s what stands out when I think about my life at Gildan."

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Maria Frohmader, Vice President, Textiles & Garment Dyeing

“I’m very goal oriented, I love to see progress and enjoy knowing that my team and I reach our daily objectives. It’s extremely rewarding to see the positive impact we’ve had on the Company over the years.”

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Idalia Pineda, Manager, Sewing Planning

“I have a lot of respect for my employees who come to see me and say “I need more training to do my job better.” When they ask for more development opportunities, I make sure they get it.”

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Ilca Lindo, Technical Manager

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes as a manager but I’m not ashamed to say it. Managing people has been the hardest job I’ve ever had and I think that anyone could ever have.”

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Karina Valenzuela, Manager, Organizational Development

“I think my role boils down to helping transform Gildan from a place you come in to work, to a place where people feel valued and where they can grow professionally and personally.”

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Melissa Charlery, Technician, IT Support

“When I started, I was terrified to make a mistake, so I was just very careful. Now I’m much more comfortable in my role and I understand that every mistake is an opportunity to learn something new.”

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Arthuretta (Retta) Murphy, Manager of Customer Service

“I like coaching people and embracing everyone’s own uniqueness. I love developing my employees and allowing them to grow.”

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Vileika Ramirez, Director, Human Resources – Caribbean

“The hardest challenge I’ve faced has been to adapt to leading new functions at the Company. Over the years, I’ve had many new areas fall under my responsibilities, some of which were completely new to me. Every new position had its own challenges, and in some cases a steep learning curve.”

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Margarita Najera, Plant Manager

“I was surprised and speechless when I found out Gildan wanted me to oversee an entire facility. It was unexpected because I had been working there for six months, but I was also extremely pleased with myself.”

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Amanda Thornhill, Merchandise Manager

“There is a sense of ownership that comes from knowing that I’ve made something from concept to shelf, and every little step in between. I just can’t help but have a passion for it all!”

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Ruth Viscarra, Operations Manager

“Being named manager is certainly one of my proudest moments. When I got the news, I felt valued and fulfilled which made all the hard work that led up to it worth it.”

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Fulvia Stevens, Director of Customer Service

“It wasn’t easy. I would be lying if I said it didn’t come at a price. The long hours meant that sometimes I wasn’t home for my daughter. Fortunately, I have an incredible support system that has helped me a lot.”

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