With us, you won't be left wondering

Meet some of the workers that make our products: from yarn spinners, to dyers, to sewing operators, to packagers, and transporters. Because our philosophy is simple, everywhere we operate, we make it a priority to treat our employees with respect and to provide them with safe and ethical work environments.

Allan is wearing a mask and holding a sign that reads “I made your clothes”.

“Respect for people and transparency has always been core to how we do business. We directly employ the vast majority of the workers who make our apparel, giving us the ability to ensure their health and safety, facilitate their professional development, and more broadly, offer them a good place to work. Participating in this campaign is just one way we can proudly introduce our factory employees and show the world who makes our clothes."

Claudia Sandoval
VP, Global Social Compliance and Environmental Affairs

The people behind our apparel

Every year, we publish small features of our factory employees from our facilities in Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, and the United States on our social media channels and website to show the people behind our apparel. Stay tuned on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn to meet some of Gildan’s employees who are behind Gildan’s vision of Making Apparel Better®.

Shannon, Yarn Spinning Operator - USA
About Shannon

Yarn spinning is one of the very first steps of making apparel. And for the last 5 months, Shannon has been doing just that; working to turn our USDA-grade cotton into yarn at our Clarkton, NC facility in the United States. 

Jonny, Textile Feeder Operator - Honduras
About Jonny

Meet Jonny, one of our operators here at our Choltex textile facility in Honduras. He is responsible for feeding textiles into our machines. Another crucial step to making your clothes.

Ana, Yarn Spinning Trainer - USA
About Ana

Say hello to Ana! As a yarn-spinning trainer, she is responsible for training our employees at one of our Sanford, NC facilities in the United States and has been here for over 12 years!

Marbelly, Sewing Operator - Nicaragua
About Marbelly

Meet Marbelly. She is a sewing operator at our Annic sewing facility in Nicaragua and has been working here since 2016. That’s over 5 years!

Allan, Napper Operator - Honduras
About Allan

If you buy a piece of Gildan clothing, it’s likely that Allan, our napper operator at our Choltex textile facility in Honduras, helped make it! He’s been working at Gildan for 14 years and we’re very lucky to have him.

Anthony, Sewing Operator - Dominican Republic
About Anthony

Say hello to Anthony, a sewing operator in our Las Americas sewing facility in the Dominican Republic. Every piece of our clothing is made with respect, and Anthony has been proudly upholding that standard for 9 years.

Erick, Quality Inspector - Honduras
About Erick

During the sewing process, our clothes go through a quality inspection process before getting packaged. Erick here is one of our many quality inspectors, and he has been doing this for 2 years at our San Antonio sewing facility in Honduras!

Luis, Quality Auditor - Dominican Republic
About Luis

This is Luis, a quality auditor at our Dortex textile facility in the Dominican Republic. He’s been here for 14 years, and we are so happy to have him as part of our Gildan team!

Rosalia, Yarn Spinning Operator - USA
About Rosalia

This is Rosalia, a spinning operator at one of our Salisbury, NC yarn spinning facilities in the United States. She’s been working at Gildan for 7 years, so let’s take a moment to thank her for all her years of service towards making apparel better.

Rumi, Sewing Operator - Bangladesh
About Rumi

Meet Rumi. She is a sewing operator at our sewing facility in Bangladesh and has been working here for over 6 years. Chances are, if one of your Gildan t-shirts come from Bangladesh, you wore a piece of clothing sewn by her!

Sonia, Textile Lab Technician - Honduras
About Sonia

Meet Sonia, for over a year she has worked in our Choltex textile facility in Honduras as a textile lab technician, ensuring our high standards are met.

Md. Sohel, Senior Cutting Operator - Bangladesh
About Md. Sohel

Do you know who made your clothes? Well, we do! Meet Md. Sohel, he’s a senior cutting operator at our textile facility in Dhaka, Bangladesh. For over 12 years, he’s been cutting our fabric in order to create different pieces of garments that will eventually be sewn together.

Maria, Yarn Spinning Technician - USA
About Maria

Our yarn-spinning process starts with sustainably harvested USDA-grade cotton. As a spinning technician, Maria has been a part of this first step to our clothes manufacturing process for over 2 years at our Eden, NC facility in the United States.

Belinda, Sewing Operator - Nicaragua
About Belinda

This is Belinda. She has been hard at work making apparel better since August 2019 as a sewing operator at our San Marcos sewing facility in Nicaragua.

Jennifer, Yarn Spinning Operator - USA
About Jennifer

Earlier this year, we acquired Frontier Yarns, and with that their Mayodan, NC facility became a part of Gildan’s supply chain. Jennifer, who has dedicated 23 years of her life at this facility, is now working for Gildan as a spinning operator!

José, Lot Driver - Nicaragua
About José

Behind the walls of our Annic sewing facility in Nicaragua; meet José. He’s been working as a lot driver for over 9 years at Gildan, and it’s likely that you own a piece of Gildan clothing that was transported by him!

Felipe, Yarn Spinning Operator - USA
About Felipe

Meet Felipe, a spinning operator at our Sanford plant 1 facility in the United States. For over 14 years, Felipe has been ensuring that cotton gets spun into top-quality yarn. Thank you, Felipe!

Tammy, Yarn Spinning Operator - USA
About Tammy

This is Tammy. For 4 years, Tammy has been dedicating her time and skills as a yarn spinner at one of our Salisbury, NC facilities in the United States!

Our goal

We hope that by answering this call-to-action, we help ignite a global conversation about supply chain transparency and start to inspire you to think differently about what you wear. Because wearing clothes feels better when you now that the people who made them received fair wages, good benefits, and were empowered to share in the company’s success.