Less than 10% of our revenue comes from products made by third-party manufacturing contractors.

In very limited cases, we also use third-party contractors to manufacture product outside of our core product offering. Our outsourced product represents less than 10% of our annual revenue. In these cases, we are working closely with our contractors to support them through the crisis and maintaining constant communication in providing clarity on decision-making processes and action plans related to COVID-19.


Our actions:


  1. We have not cancelled any orders that were completed.
  2. We provided our contractors with clear timelines for any new orders.
  3. We worked with contractors to ensure that all suspended and/or terminated workers due to COVID-19 received all legally mandated pay and severance.
  4. We worked closely with manufacturing third-party contractors to ensure the workers’ health & safety continues to come first, as well as their compliance with local laws and regulations.


As always, we expect our suppliers and contractors to comply with our high ethical, social and environment standards, including all of our codes and policies listed below, which has always been a condition of doing business with us and becoming part of our supply chain.

Codes & policies