February 20, 2024


Gildan Renews Commitment to World Vision Honduras with New Donation to the Childhood Education and Transformation Program

Gildan and World Vision logos against a grey fabric background

Gildan, a leading apparel manufacturer, is pleased to announce that the Company will donate USD $250,000 to World Vision Honduras to support the continued implementation of the Childhood Education and Transformation (ETN) program in Honduras. 

The longstanding 11-year partnership between Gildan and World Vision Honduras, underscores a shared commitment to sustainable development, enhancing the socioemotional and socioenvironmental skills of children, and fostering a deeper sense of environmental responsibility in the communities of Villanueva, Choloma, and now Quimistán. Through these combined efforts, the ETN program has become synonymous with educational excellence and environmental advocacy, leaving an indelible mark on the regions it serves. 

"We are proud of our partnership with World Vision. The recent completion of Phase III of the program benefited over 204,000 children by teaching them valuable skills across various subject areas. We also strengthened 68 educational networks fostering green and safe school environments, and empowered over 3,000 educators with skills in ICT, environmental stewardship, and socioemotional growth,” says Claudia Sandoval, Vice-President of Global Social Compliance and Environmental Affairs at Gildan.  

The Company’s additional investment will directly support the activation of Phase IV, which includes training over 300 educators in socioemotional well-being and climate change mitigation. Phase IV is expected to positively impact 10,000 children in the region and have an indirect reach of over 300,000 children across 400 schools, highlighting its far-reaching impact on Honduran youth. 

Phase IV of the program will also have an enhanced focus on environmental protection and holistic child development. A key objective will include the gradual certification of schools as "Green and Safe Schools," a regulation from the Ministry of Education aimed at strengthening environmental education in schools nationwide, which Gildan and World Vision Honduras will work to facilitate through oversight of the certification process of schools within the program. 

The additional donation reaffirms the enduring impact of the partnership between Gildan and World Vision Honduras, underscoring the importance of collaborative efforts in driving sustainable change. With over $700,000 donated to World Vision Honduras alone, and more than 351,000 children positively impacted to date, this partnership serves as a testament to the power of collective action in addressing the most pressing challenges facing vulnerable communities.  

Under its Next Generation ESG strategy, Gildan remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing the potential of Honduran children and safeguarding the environment for future generations. Through its continued collaboration with World Vision Honduras and its unwavering dedication, Gildan strives to create a brighter and more sustainable future for all.