November 18, 2020


Gildan’s COVID-19 Prevention Campaign for Employees Globally

Since the onset of the pandemic, one of Gildan’s main priorities has been the health and well-being of its employees and their families around the world. But while health and safety has always been of great importance at Gildan, it is even more so during these times of uncertainty surrounding the continued spread of COVID-19.

Earlier this year, Gildan launched a global internal prevention campaign called “It’s in Our Hands” to educate and empower employees on their well-being and on the important steps they can take to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“From the factory floor to the corporate office, we are encouraging employees at every level of our organization to take small but important measures so that we can remain committed to slowing the spread of the virus and playing a positive role in our society,” said Arun Bajaj, Chief Human Resources Officer at Gildan. “Our well-being and that of our communities are quite literally in our hands right now, and by taking this responsibility seriously, we can help play a proactive role in flattening the curve,” he says.

Gildan has been activating various kinds of initiatives internally to ensure that this message stays top of mind. Recently in Honduras, the Company organized a nation-wide campaign in their facilities entitled “The Ball is in Your Court”, which brings a fun soccer-themed twist to the messaging in order to make it more digestible for their employees at large. Bajaj says the campaign has been very engaging and successful so far because it allows employees to break through all the negative noise related to the virus by making the subject-matter lighter and more interesting.

This is one of many initiatives the Company has rolled out regarding COVID-19 prevention. Bajaj says their teams globally will continue to make every effort to spread this message and ensure employees are putting their physical and mental well-being at the forefront during this difficult time.