June 18, 2019


Gildan Inaugurates New Health and Wellness Comprehensive Centre for Employees in Honduras

On June 5, 2019, Gildan inaugurated its new Health and Wellness Comprehensive Centre at its textile complex in Rio Nance, Honduras. The new medical facility will serve as a modern space dedicated to employee health and wellness and will help the Company further expand on its already robust health services and programs.

"We are pleased to announce the opening of this new facility, which will help us enhance our commitment to employee health while creating job opportunities for health care professionals and administrative personnel in the Rio Nance region,” says Manuel Shugert, Director of Human Resources at Gildan. “The centre will increase the capacity at which we can provide our medical services to employees, including access to ergonomic schools for back and shoulder health, doctors’ offices, areas for breastfeeding and personal wellness, an audiometric booth, and more,” he continued.

As part of Gildan’s “Taking Care of Me” program for employee health, the Company will also host specialists on a monthly basis who will provide consultations on dentistry, gynecology, internal medicine, and more.

The installation of this new centre comes as part of Gildan’s sustained commitment to operating industry-leading workplaces, which includes giving employees healthy and safe work environments. Key to this goal lies in promoting the health of employees through facilitating special training programs and providing access to free medical clinics directly onsite.