March 6, 2020

People · Diversity, equity, & inclusion

From Program to Possibility: Gildan Explores the Impacts of Their Leadership and Development Programs for International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day, Gildan is honouring the spirit of this year’s theme, “An equal world is an enabled world”, with a mini-series that revisits some of the Company’s initiatives focused on professional development and women’s empowerment. In doing so, the mini-series aims to explore how each initiative impacted a female employee who participated.

“Advancing our female employees in the workforce and propelling their careers was one of the first diversity and inclusion challenges we tackled as a Company”, says Arun Bajaj, Chief Human Resources Office at Gildan. “Over the years, the Company has supported and trained women from all levels of the organization to aid with their career advancement. For International Women’s Day, we are proud to share some of the impacts that these initiatives have had on our employees.”

Starting on March 9th, Gildan will begin sharing the inspiring accounts of each woman here.