January 19, 2024

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Comfort Colors’® Proprietary Clean Dye Process, Pigment Pure™, Offers Soft Fabrics and Colorful Dyes Made with Respect®

Comfort Colors® tradeshow booth highlighting the Pigment Pure™ dyeing process

Christ Church, Barbados, Friday, January 19, 2024 – Comfort Colors®, a leading lifestyle brand, is excited to share that its proprietary dyeing process, the recipe behind the beloved weathered hues for which Comfort Colors® has come to be known, has a new name and look – Pigment Pure™

Built on years of research and development, Pigment Pure™ dyeing technology uses, on average, three times less water, consumes less energy and has a quicker processing time versus other traditional dyeing processes.1 In addition to a lower-impact dyeing process, Comfort Colors® uses 100% ring-spun U.S. cotton to make durable, long-lasting and comfortable t-shirts that are Made with Respect®

“From soft fabrics to colorful dyes, Comfort Colors® is a brand that’s all about spreading good vibes and making you feel good, and we are doing that with Pigment Pure™, a unique process that helps us create colors inspired by nature using fewer resources2,” says Emma Budzisz, Vice-President of Marketing at Gildan Activewear SRL. “Thanks to this technology, our customers can take comfort in knowing that our clothes are always soft, and even softer towards the planet.” 

Comfort Colors’® four-tiered booth at the Impressions Expo in Long Beach, California will dedicate a room to showcasing its 14 product styles produced using Pigment Pure™. Visitors will also have the chance to discover Comfort Colors’® Pink Room dedicated to the brand’s cozy feel, the Orange Room paying homage to the brand’s collegiate vibes and the Colored Room introducing Comfort Colors’® four new products hitting the market in 2024.  

1. The data on the Pigment Pure™ process are based on approximate comparisons with conventional reactive dyeing.
2. Compared to a conventional reactive dyeing process.


Comfort Colors® 

Comfort Colors® is a lifestyle brand, which, for over 45 years has been perfecting the art of making a brand-new shirt feel familiar. Blending nature-inspired hues with soft cotton, Comfort Colors® gives you the feeling of warmth, comfort and positivity. With Comfort Colors® offering over 80 different hues, and inclusive, relaxed fits, you are sure to find what you need.   

Comfort Colors® is a brand owned by Gildan Activewear, a leading manufacturer of everyday basic apparel. The Company owns and operates vertically integrated, large-scale manufacturing facilities which are primarily located in Central America, the Caribbean, North America and Bangladesh. The Company operates with a strong commitment to industry-leading labor, environmental and governance practices throughout its supply chain in accordance with its comprehensive ESG program embedded in its long-term business strategy. More information about the Company and its ESG practices and initiatives can be found at gildancorp.com.   

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