At Gildan we believe that we have a responsibility to be an active participant in the communities where we operate. We seek to ensure our community engagement activities align with our core values, our mission, and our focus areas, namely: quality education, good health & well-being, and environment (resources protection).


To request financial or event support, in-kind donations or humanitarian aid, please complete this form.


Our support focuses on creating social and environmental impact in the communities where we operate. We direct the majority of our community investment resources towards the following focus areas: quality education, good health & well-being, and resources protection, in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We also remain committed to humanitarian aid and disaster relief in the areas where we operate, when circumstances arise.

Eligible projects must:

  1. Demonstrate alignment with Gildan’s values and community investment focus areas 
  2. Operate in regions where Gildan has operations 
  3. Be registered and provide a valid charitable registration number (when applicable) 
  4. Be financially sound (provide a copy of their most recent financial statements/balance sheet) 
  5. Demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion 

Disaster relief funding is determined by Gildan on an ad hoc basis. 

Unfortunately, we cannot support every request we receive. Projects and organizations that are not eligible include: 

  1. Projects which fall outside regions where Gildan has operations 
  2. Individuals or charitable appeals for individuals 
  3. Religious, non-secular, advocacy, and/or political organizations 
  4. Parties or celebration events. 

How to apply: 

We accept requests for funds throughout the year. While Gildan wishes to provide aid to all eligible organizations, we may not have the ability to partner with all organizations that meet our eligibility criteria due to resource constraints. Organizations are responsible for ensuring that requests are submitted well in advance of the event or project start date, or approximately 6 to 8 weeks ahead of their deadline. 

Organizations seeking financial or in-kind donations from Gildan must submit their request online:  

  1. Access the online application form:
  2. Complete mandatory fields(*) and add as much information as possible in the other fields 
  3. Attach documents, if required 
  4. Submit your request.  


If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please email us: 

Canada and International: [email protected] 

United states: [email protected] 

Central American and Caribbean basin: [email protected]