Creating positive environmental impacts

Aligned with our commitment to respecting the environment, we seek to encourage our communities to help create positive environmental impacts and better the world. To do this, we support programs and host activities where our employees and members from the community help us make the world a better place.  

Project highlights

Reforestation in Central America and the Caribbean

Gildan contributes to reforestation projects in the neighbouring communities of its operations. For instance, the Company has created its own nursery at its Rivas sewing facility, where more than 6,000 different forest species – including mahogany, royal cedar, oak, and teak – are grown to be used each year. 

Employees across the Company too participate in environmental volunteering and restoration activities. For example, in the past, in the Dominican Republic, our donations allowed 3,000 trees to be planted by 200 employee volunteers. In Nicaragua, we provided logistical support and donations, helping 6,000 forest plants to be planted.  

Our team in Haiti also held their first reforestation day in 2019: Approximately 500 trees of various species were planted by a group of 60 volunteers. We intend to continue our reforestation efforts and play our part in restoring the environment in the coming years.  

Earth Day with recycling challenges in Central America

On Earth Day, Gildan employees and their families across our Central American operations participate in environmental activities including various recycling challenges that aim to proactively engage people about the benefits of recycling. On average roughly 800 children participate in activities such as drawing contests that are aimed at helping them learn about the environment. Through these fun activities and healthy competition, children are handed the onus of their education, facilitating greater receptiveness of the topics at hand, invoking in them a sense of responsibility towards the environment and planet.  

Beach clean-up initiatives

Taking care of our delicate ecosystems is a part of what we do. On a regular basis, Gildan organizes beach clean-ups. In 2019 in Honduras, for instance, more than 70 Gildan-volunteers participated in a beach clean-up event, where they collected 1.61 tons of trash from a public beach near our facilities. In Barbados, 18 volunteers removed two truckloads of garbage from a public beach area near our offices, which was taken to a landfill. 

Due to the pandemic and restrictions on communal activities, Gildan had to take the difficult decision of halting beach clean ups. However, we look forward to restarting this initiative and continuing our efforts to maintain a clean planet.